Kansans Vote To Protect Abortion Rights

A couple of weeks ago on the blog, we discussed the Kansas vote on abortion, the first vote to put abortion rights in the hands of the public. In a moment of victory and relief for pro-choice activists and advocates, the state voted overwhelmingly to protect their reproductive rights on August 2.

Rachel Sweet, campaign manager for Kansas For Constitutional Freedom, said: “The people of Kansas have spoken… They think that abortion should be safe, legal and accessible in the state of Kansas.”

In encouraging news for the pro-choice movement, it has been estimated that the results we have seen in Kansas suggest that 80% of states would back abortion rights in a similar vote.

Read more here: NPR

Emergency Writ Seeks to Block Louisiana Trigger Bans

Abortion services are currently illegal in eight states including Louisiana. On Monday, Louisiana’s trigger bans took effect after a previous block was lifted by a district court. 

On Thursday, The Center for Reproductive Rights, Boies Schiller Flexner LLP, and local counsel Ellie Schilling filed an emergency request to the Louisiana Supreme Court to reinstate the blocking of the state’s trigger bans. At the moment, abortion remains unavailable in the state.

Jenny Ma, Center for Reproductive RIghts Senior Staff Attorney, said: 

“We have asked the state Supreme Court to step in and block these bans once again. This legal ping pong is causing chaos for doctors trying to provide care in healthcare clinics and hospitals across Louisiana. It’s inhumane to have patients living in fear of whether or not they will be able to access reproductive healthcare. If the Court does not act, many people will suffer, and too many have nowhere else to go. These bans must be blocked while this case is litigated in court.”

Read more here: Center for Reproductive Rights

Taxpayer Funding Fraudulent Anti-Abortion “Crisis Pregnancy Centers”

Crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) are nonprofit organizations posing as real medical clinics with the goal of dissuading pregnant individuals from accessing abortion care. Despite claiming to be medical clinics, less than half have a medical professional on site, and some even give out medical misinformation. 

Because CPCs purport to offer birth classes, infant care items, and doula services, many well-meaning philanthropic funders may also be unknowingly funding these anti-abortion organizations. These fraudulent centers also vastly outnumber genuine abortion providers, and receive up to 5 times the funding of actual abortion clinics – due to their non-profit status, much of this money comes from public taxpayer funding, which is difficult for actual abortion clinics to recieve. 

It is advised that in order to do their due diligence, philanthropists should be explicit about mentioning abortion when offering funding to any organization adjacent to reproductive healthcare.

Read more here: Fortune

This American Life podcast releases series “The Pink House At The Center of the World”

Last month, popular podcast This American Life released a series of stories from Mississippi’s Pink House reproductive health clinic, where the case that led to the overturning of Roe began. During the series, we meet clinic staff, abortion pill smugglers, lawmakers, pro-choice activists, and more. You can listen to all episodes below.

Listen to all episodes here.



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