‘Battleground’ has been selected to play at the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival in New York City in the documentary competition section.

Battleground is an urgently timely window into the intersection of abortion and politics in America, following three women who lead formidable anti-abortion organizations to witness the enormous influence they wield. As Roe stands on the precipice of being overturned and numerous states pass unconstitutional abortion bans, the film also depicts those on the front lines of the fierce fight to maintain access.

‘Battleground’ is directed by Cynthia Lowen who is the Emmy® nominated director of Netizens, a feature documentary about women and online harassment. She is also the producer and writer of Bully, a feature documentary following five kids and families through a year in the life of America’s bullying crisis.

The film is produced by Rebecca Stern and Cynthia Lowen and co-produced by Steffie Van Rhee. Cinematography is by Gabriella Garcia Pardo and Barbie Leung. It is edited by Nancy Novack, with score by Gil Talmi. Executive producers are Jeff Sobrato, Dexter Braff, Nicole Shipley, Ryan Harrington and Ruth Ann Harnisch, in association with Safe Space Pictures, Fifth Man Productions and the Harnisch Foundation. 

‘Battleground’ was written by Cynthia Lowen and Nancy Novak.

Congratulations to all the team behind the film for this amazing achievement. 

Cinetic Media is handling sales on the film.

Tickets for Tribeca Film Festival go on sale on May 2: https://tribecafilm.com/films/battleground-2022


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